Product Video Production – Why Should You Invest in It?

It is well known that consumers respond enthusiastically to visual content. Video is one of the most popular forms of visual content. It attracts consumers, engages them for a long time, and can have a big impact on their purchase behavior. Despite all of these advantages, many businesses fail to take full advantage of this medium. In fact, research suggests that videos are some of the most underutilized formats today. Businesses are intimidated by the costs and complexities involved in product video production and choose easier mediums.


However, videos don’t have to be complicated, especially if you have a good production team on your side. An experienced videographer will shoot stunning videos of your products and help increase your sales volume considerably. Here’s a look at some reasons why you should invest in product video production:


1. Provide More Information


The purpose of product images and videos is to provide more information to the customer. When people shop online, they can’t see or touch the product in person. They must rely on the information provided by the seller to make a purchase decision. If you have accurate photographs and videos on your product page, you’ll provide more information to the customer and make their purchase decision easier. Videos are a better medium because they give a good idea about the product’s size and dimensions. Customers can see the item from multiple directions, look at how it is used, and then decide if it is a good choice for them. By making this process easier, you improve the customer’s experience and establish a bond of trust.


2. Increased Conversions


Around 96% of consumers agree that videos help them make purchase decisions. Around 3 in 4 people are more likely to buy a product or book a service if they see videos first. Around 58% consider brands with product videos more trustworthy. All of these facts show just how impactful videos can be. If you invest in high-quality product video production, you’ll likely enjoy a great ROI.While you can get good results from DIY product videos, professional media is often more polished and better suited for modern audiences. They look better on all kinds of screens and will convey the right message.


3. Impact on Brand


High-quality videos have a big impact on a company’s brand image. People immediately recognize just how much the business has invested in their product, which elevates the company’s standing in their eyes. Brands with good-quality product videos are often considered superior to brands without them. That alone is worth any investment you make because it can help you earn customer loyalty. Loyal customers will form a consistent base and help keep your business afloat even when the market is down.


4. Sharing and Social Media


People are more likely to share product videos on social mediathan in any other format. People often do this because they instinctively understand short videos offer more information than text and graphics combined. Even email marketing is more effective if you add a video to your newsletter as it can boost click-through rates of these emails by over 200%. If you want to establish a strong presence online, especially on social media, it is a good idea to invest in high-quality product video production.


5. Impact on SEO


Product videos can improve your presence on search engines as well. Videos often show up at the top of the SERP and people do look at the video search page if they want more information on a particular product. Videos also generate a lot of backlinks, especially if they’re well-made. Blogs reviewing products will often add links to your demos in their articles, which also has a big impact on SEO. The format will help you gain an audience on YouTube as well, which is the second largest search engine and the largest video platform today.


6. Videos are Easy to Digest


Text descriptions mentioning product dimensions in inches, centimeters, feet, etc, are rarely helpful. Most people can’t immediately guess what the product looks like after reading these details. Videos show things instead of telling them, which is easier to digest for most individuals. A combination of video and text descriptions ensures the product page is accessible to everyone and can help customers make informed decisions.


7. Can Earn Customer’s Trust


Many consumers are still uncertain about buying products online because they can’t experience them in person. Video is the closest they can get to handling a product before purchase, which is why adding a demo is so impactful. A good-quality product video production will recognize this fact and help eliminate that uncertainty. For example, a good video will show the item from different angles, add background elements to highlight its size and dimensions, and even include a model using it. Sometimes videos also include details on how to assemble or use the product, which can increase customer confidence as well.


8. Fewer Returns


Customers are less likely to return a product if they’ve watched videos of it. According to research, videos don’t just increase conversions, they also reduce returns by around 25%. That is a significant boost in profit and can help you recover all of your investment quickly. Even large eCommerce platforms encourage sellers to add videos to their product pages because they can reduce returns significantly.


9. Suitable for Younger Customers


Millennials and Gen Z customers are drawn to video and are more likely to purchase a product if they see a video of it. If you want to appeal to a younger audience, it is vital to include product video production in your budget. They’re less likely to read a full text description of a product and will seek out reviews or demos on YouTube before making a purchase decision.


If you have more questions about product video production, reach out to a local studio and book a consultation. Most establishments will offer a free quote and first consultation so you can understand the process and costs involved.

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