4 Key Differences Between Dedicated and VPS Hosting

A web hosting company can offer your website dedicated resources in two ways- by allocating you a dedicated server or a virtual private server. While your website gets individual resources under both types of hosting, their availability and pricing will differ. So, if you are looking to buy hosting services in India, you will need to consider various factors before choosing the right plan for your website.

Understanding VPS Hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting involves the segregation of a single server into several different compartments having their own set of resources like the RAM and bandwidth. This means that each website gets its own set of dedicated resources from a specific compartment of a server, and the same cannot be used by any other website. However, in case your website needs more resources, the hosting company uses a special software called Hypervisor, to borrow resources from other segments of the server. Highly suitable for small business websites or personal sites with decent resource limits, this type of hosting is flexible and not very expensive.

Understanding Dedicated Server Hosting

This type of hosting involves allocating an entire server for your website. Dedicated server hosting offers total control of the resources (both hardware and software) of a server, and thus, is expensive. Highly suitable for medium and big businesses, this hosting ensures hassle-free online operations.

Differences Between Dedicated Server and VPS Hosting

The two types of hosting services allocate dedicated resources for your website besides providing you root access to the server. Now, let us talk about the differences in the two options:

·         Price- While the VPS hosting plans are quite affordable, the dedicated plans can be costly since they offer you full control of the hardware and the software being used.

·         Upscaling- VPS hosting resources can be upgraded, especially if you have opted for cloud hosting. All that is required of the hosting service provider, iscreating a new compartment or adjusting the virtual partition. However, in the case of dedicated hosting, all the resources are already yours, whether you need them or not at all times.

·         Control Over Hardware- VPS hosting does not provide you control over your hardware, while in the case of the dedicated option, you have full control over the hardware as well as software associated and being used on the server assigned to you.

·         Performance- In terms of the performance of your website, dedicated hosting ensures better results. Full access to resources means your website can easily handle increased traffic. In the case of VPS hosting, you get good performance, but the same can get affected if multiple sites on the same server witness a spike in traffic.

Hosting services in India, whether VPS or dedicated, are available in the form of managed or unmanaged plans. In the case of unmanaged plans, the hosting provider gives you the tools that you can use to manage your website yourself. While if you opt for the managed plan, they will build as well as maintain your website.

 Choosing Between the Two Options

The choice between the VPS and Dedicated server hosting services will depend on the size of your business, the kind of website you have, the resources required by you and the budget you have set aside for it. While dedicated hosting will give you better performance and tighter security, it is available at a premium price. VPS hosting is affordable and offers a good amount of resources with scalability options. Choose your plan wisely.

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