5 Fundamentals of Business Management

Whether your career is just starting out as a business manager or you’ve been in the race for a long time, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the different areas you need to manage. Going back to basics and reviewing the intricacies of each domain can help you feel less overwhelmed.

Stop if you think this makes no sense. And read on if you want to explore the world of business management from a different perspective, as from here on out, it’s all going to be about the fundamentals.

If you do decide to read on, first, let’s ask the most crucial questions:-

       Question no. 1 - What matters to the organisation? Sales? Marketing? Customers? Finance?

       Question no. 2 - What is business management all about?

Let’s find out.

1.  People

Every organisation bets on its people and not on strategies.

There’s a lot of truth to this statement. Employees are the most imperative asset for any organisation, small or big. Inspiring them, leading them, and motivating them is the only way your organisation can set itself on the path of success. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that your employees are highly motivated, contended, effective and productive.

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People systems you must consider:-

       Team roles

       Your paperwork compliance

       How you monitor the key performance indicators

       The team climate

       Your team fit/personalities

2.  Operations

Operations management is an incredibly intricate process; it is a critical requirement in every business, irrespective of the industry. This means excellent business management skills are a necessity to carry out this task.

As a business manager, you need to figure out how your organisation’s product will meet the market demands efficiently. For this, your operations management needs to be on point and focus on the following:-

       Productivity analysis & improvement

       Capacity planning

       Lean management

       Quality assurance

Operations Management Systems must consider:-

       Managing the customers

       Information flow throughout the organisation

       Communication between the team and your clients

       Tracking sales/jobs

       Tracking all your marketing efforts

This is where business management courses online can come into play. These courses can help you develop operation management skills and strategies, enabling you to lead your organisation towards success.

3.      Accounting & Finance

The credit to the success of a business always goes to the accounting department. And as a business manager, you may need to oversee tasks including paying bills, invoicing customers, recording accounts, managing payroll, taxes, tracking assets & expenses, analysing and preparing financial statements, etc.

With the right skill set and expertise, your organisation can manage all financial transactions leading to success with 100% transparency. However, to do that effectively, you, as the business manager, need to have prowess in the basics of accounting. Don’t worry; you don’t need to pursue a finance course; the XLRI business management course online includes finance and accounting as a part of its curriculum. Rest assured, you’ll have a 360-degree understanding of accounting in business management.

4.  Strategy

“Strategy without tactics is the most passive route to success. And tactics without success is simply the noise before defeat.” - Sun Tzu

Strategies are the essence of every business. However, at the heart of strategy is deciding what NOT to do. It gives you an edge over your competition and boosts you to adapt to the ever-evolving business environment. In addition, strategic management is all about learning, analysing, and adjusting your plans and new business ideas to meet the market’s preferences & appending patterns.

So when you fail to achieve the desired results, don’t blame it on the people; blame it on the strategy.

This fundamental is all about:

       Defining your why - why you are doing what you’re doing?

       Your WHAT - what does your organisation offer?

       Your WHO - who is your ideal team and customer?

       Your WHEN - think about launch dates etc.

       Your HOW - how are you going to achieve all these goals?

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5.  Marketing

Marketing is a potent tool, and if used right, it can transform the way your audience looks at the brand. With that in mind, your marketing should include advertisement, brand awareness, promotions, digital campaigns, segmentation, brand positioning, social media strategy, communication strategy, content marketing, etc., to name a few.

Simply put, your marketing strategy can make or break your business. So your marketing systems should consider:-

       Your overall promotion/sales plan

       Your overall marketing plan

       Your social media marketing plan

Online business management courses can help acquire the requisite knowledge and skills you need to thrive in every aspect of being a business manager. Everything you need will be covered during the curriculum, ranging from strategy, challenges, best practices to scope.

Phew, That was a LOT!

No matter how much knowledge you possess, you’re bound to feel overwhelmed in a business manager’s role. So, how do you make sure you’re doing it all and you’re doing it right? Quite honestly, it’s impossible to put your feet in so many boats at one time.

However, that’s the thing about business; it changes so rapidly that by the time you master one domain, another will be in pieces. Stay ahead and stay prepared; that’s the only sane advice experts can give you.

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