Are You Looking Forward To Pursuing Distance Mba- Read This Guide


The learningshala is a distance learning gateway for students, parents, and education industry experts who're seeking info on numerous distance programs offered at numerous best universities and colleges in India and overseas. One may rely conveniently on the info on the distance education courses and uni shared on their portal. They have got a dedicated team that looks after the admission guides to help students in getting admission in the distance learning course in some of the top-notch universities and colleges.

Why should one explore a career at the Learningshala?

Well, expanding the learning mode for people who get lost in their work and busy schedule via just putting them on the digital platform and through that connecting them with some of the pioneer colleges to fulfill the academic goals and purposes without needing to compromise the very education quality and breaking stereotype of the classroom learning. 

For The Students: Learningshala 

Students may go on to Learningshala, which is one of the finest and most trusted platforms in order to search for the dream distance learning colleges, courses, admission procedures, the eligibility criteria, and loads of several other details. This portal has got a repository of over 100 distance learning colleges and courses in numerous streams, including engineering, management, commerce, arts, and others. The individuals may also look for certificates, mba correspondence course, and some diploma-level self-financed and professional courses.

What's Distance MBA?

To start with, MBA generally stands for the Masters of Business Administration. And the Distance MBA is nothing but a course, which is flexible and affordable for students. It's a 2-year distance PG course in the management field. It's amongst the finest career alternatives for all the students who can't succeed to take admission in the regular Masters of Business Administration course because of various reasons like one being lack of funds/money. This program doesn't need students to take regular classes as they are supposed to attend classes only once or twice every week on the weekends or let's just say when they're free from their other scheduled work. 

Distance Course In MBA And Its Kinds

Generally, there are 3 types of distance education course in MBA, which's mentioned below:

Let's take a look at them.

  • A 1-year of the PGD in the Business Administration (PGDBA)

It is a 1-year diploma course divided into a couple of semesters that deals with a study in business management, general operations, marketing, administration, and finance, etc.

  • 3 to 6 months of Certificate Courses in the field of Business Management

It is the very basic management course, which happens to impart the very knowledge of how the students can go on to optimize resource use to maximize the wealth and the very basics of the business function as well.

  • 2-years of PGDM or MBA

This is a kind of course, which is amongst the most popular and common courses in distance MBA that is pursued via the candidates nowadays. Its course curriculum again is pretty similar to a regular MBA.

There you have it. To know further, you may look over the web and gather more info on the same.

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