How to get rid of Canada Geese in your Housing Development?

Every summer there are new housing development is being constructed, sod is being laid, little ponds are dug and geese are seen hanging around such areas. The last thing the new residents want to see is a flock of geese hanging around in their otherwise beautiful home and yard. Goose droppings on your doorsteps, aggressive geese nesting and loud honking noises are not at all appealing to potential and current residents. Thus, geese management is the one thing that can prevent all this from happening.

Let’s find out how we can get rid of these pest species for good.

Use fences or plant shrubbery around the ponds

Consider erecting fences or planting shrubbery around the ponds on your property to prevent geese from entering such areas. Geese spend most of their summer walking from land to water. These wild birds aren’t able to fly when they’re raising goslings, and they spend about a month in molt when they lose their flight feathers. Thus, they rely on clear paths to and from water to feel safe. That is why fences or shrubbery are necessary to keep geese out of the water and this may also act as a natural deterrent. This is one way to get rid of the irritable Canada Geese.

Prevent Geese from Nesting

The only thing you need to keep in mind to keep geese away from your property is to prevent them from nesting. If these birds nest on your property, there will inevitably be goslings. This will be quite problematic because goslings cannot fly for months and there’s very little you can do to humanely harass them. Therefore, you can prevent such issues by performing nest management to decrease the number of goslings that will be on your property in the spring season.

Avoid feeding the Geese

It is strictly advised to avoid feeding the geese because then it becomes almost impossible to get rid of these wild birds. Also, geese are mostly fed bread or popcorn by the people which may prove to be harmful for their health. This is because bread contains high carbohydrate content which fills the stomach of a goose but it isn’t that nutritious for it’s health. A high carb food item may lead to nutritional deficiencies in geese, which in turn causes deformities. Geese with wing deformities cannot fly and their flight feathers don’t grow correctly. Bread is like junk food for geese, they enjoy eating it but may suffer in the future because of it. So, if you want to humanely get rid of these birds stop feeding them such high carbohydrate junk as it is quite harmful for their health and this may lead to several deformities in their wings. Instead, consider posting signage that explains this issue, or notify the neighbours that the geese will be easier to get rid of if they aren’t fed anymore.

Humanely eliminate bothersome Geese populations with Goose Control Dogs

If you’ve tried all the above mentioned methods and still haven’t seen any sign of improvement, then it’s time for you to get serious about it. You can hire Goose control dogs in order to eliminate bothersome geese populations from your property. This is the most proven method of getting rid of these nuisance wild birds.

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