Three Things Law Students Can Learn From John Branca ULCA

If you're an aspiring attorney hoping to break into the entertainment industry, who better to take cues from than one of the most famous entertainment lawyers in the business, John Branca? Here are a few things which law students can take away from John Branca's career.

1. Keep Up With the Trends While You Study

Law school will teach you how to be a lawyer, but to understand the entertainment law industry, you've got to be fully immersed in the entertainment business. The media is constantly changing, movie and music trends are fleeting, and what was famous one week can be easily considered obsolete the next. A good entertainment attorney must not only keep on top of who's who and what's what, but also be able to function and negotiate in an ever-evolving industry. Keep on top of the media and entertainment trends while you're still a student, and treat them with the same diligence as you apply to your college textbooks.

2. Build a Strong Foundation in Law and Business

It goes without saying that if you want to be a lawyer, you've got to do well in law school. But don't apply yourself to studying the entertainment aspect of things to the point that you neglect your legal studies. All law students, no matter what branch they pursue, are first and foremost aspiring lawyers, and that calls for a strong knowledge of the law. Don't neglect the business side of things, either. Many law students fail to realize just how crucial it is to understand business in the law industry, but it is paramount, especially if you want to start your own firm one day. Add a few business courses to your college workload.

3. Don't Expect to Be the Next John Branca

You can learn from John Branca's experience and success without molding yourself after him. Branca himself has advised against this in multiple interviews, suggesting that law students interested in  entertainment law are better off when they try to be themselves. After all, there's no one better to be than yourself. You have your own skillset, passions, motivations, and personality. Rather than aspiring to be John Branca, choose to learn from his experience and the experience of other successful lawyers.

Law students can take a lot away from John Branca's career, with the gist of it being to study hard, study broadly, be yourself, and never say die. Understand and accept that most lawyers begin at the bottom, and rely on hard work, tenacity, and perseverance to get you where you want to be.

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