Amazing adventures in South Africa tips

There are many interesting places scattered in every part of the world. Maybe you already know that most tourists visited Asia and Europe. But, did you know that Africa also presents an amazingly interesting tourist spot? South Africa is one of the tourist destinations which is currently popular with tourists from abroad. You can find many tourist paradises that can be explored there and also a very impressive national park. Go to the website in order to acquire additional information

Whether you're looking for an adventure-filled safari holiday or a more chill coastal escape, South Africa has something for everyone. And fortunately, up all sorts of tips and information on travelling within South Africa. So, what are you waiting for? Start packing – your dream African holiday awaits!

Here are some of the popular tourist destinations in South Africa:

Cape Town

Cape Town is the first city you will visit once you arrive in South Africa. You can walk around the city and pass through the parliament building, city hall, Cathedral, Castle of Good Hope, and the historical Malay Quarter area. Besides that, the place that you can’t miss is Table Mountain. Table Mountain is a unique mountain because it is shaped like a table. This Table Mountain is located in the Table Mountain National Park and is one of the best views in Africa. Find cheap Cape Town tour packages and while there, you can see the beauty of Cape Town from above.

Mineral World

The next interesting destination to visit is Mineral World. Previously you will pass Seal Island and be able to see seals by boat. From there, tourists can continue their journey to Good Hope Nature Reserve to see the meeting points of the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. Then continue the journey to Cape Point, Cape Town’s highest point, and visit Boulders Beach to see penguins.


If you’re curious about the Hector Pieterson Museum and Mandela House, stop at the South Western Township in Johannesburg. While in Johannesburg, you can shop at Mall Of Africa, which is the largest mall in South Africa. In this very crowded area, tourists will also visit the Regina Mundi Church and Soccer City Museum which are the largest stadiums in Africa. In fact, Soccer City Museum is the main FIFA World Cup 2010 stadium.

Kruger National Park

One of the most popular safari locations is Kruger National Park in South Africa. Tourists will be taken on a safari splitting a safari car and peering at the action of a lion chasing its prey. Tourists can also meet elephants, zebras, hyenas and various typical African animals roaming freely in this national park. In addition, the largest national park in South Africa is occupied by several traditional community communities. In order to experience Kruger more thoroughly, travelers can meet and interact directly with them. Also, don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful sunset and capture it with your camera.

To be able to visit the tourist attractions above, you can enjoy it by having the South Africa tour packages. Consider the tour that includes a tour guide to popular destinations in South Africa. Usually, tour packages have two options, namely tours exploring Cape Town and nature tourism. You can also enjoy nature’s own safari tours including visits to destinations such as canyons, waterfalls, mountains, to see the wild fauna in the famous Kruger National Park by buying South Africa Safari Tours. There are lots of other travel packages offered, depending on the time and budget you have. For the holiday season, you can order South Africa Holiday Packages to enjoy your vacation with your family. Visit and feel a new adventure that you can’t forget!

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