Everything you Need to Know About Ultherapy Face Treatment


Ultherapy is a modern non-invasive procedure used for a facelift with the help of ultrasound. It can be used instead of a complete facelift and compared to the traditional modes of a facelift; Ultherapy face treatment will eradicate the downtime and need for any incisions. This is one major reason why many people prefer to choose ultherapy over open-skin facelift.


Working of ultherapy face treatment


With the help of state-of-the-art ultrasound technology for focused micro-level treatment, ultherapy can help tighten and lift the skin to give it a younger and shinier finish. The focus areas of ultherapy include by not limited to the face, neck, brow, and jawline. This therapy can also help diminish the wrinkles and fine lines appearing on the facial skin.


First introduced as a product by Merz Pharma, the FDA approved Ultherapy as the first non-invasive procedure for face lifting. During a cosmetic surgery convention held recently, dermatologists and surgeons shared their advanced insights on ultrasound technology, making Ultherapy more effective and efficient in face lifting.


These are the same things ultrasound machines do in a focused way. They explain it as the same process as how the kids use magnifying glasses to place the paper under those and burn. With ultherapy, the burn is given below the skin. The skin cells where ultherapy focuses will start to produce collagen, which will repair the little burn caused by ultrasound. With collagen being generated, the skin starts to look more youthful and tightened.


Pain-free and non-invasive


Ultrasound used for ultherapy helps the surgeons see what they treat and go to the deepest layers of the skin without disrupting or cutting through the skin surface. There is not much pain or discomfort associated with the procedure, but this will also depend on the individual's level of tolerance. Numbing cream will be administered pre-procedure, and it will help ease the pain towards the end of the treatment. There can be a burning sensation at the deeper layer of the skin as the ultrasound probe goes over the parts of the neck and face.


However, in any case, Ultherapy face treatment is largely relaxing and soothing compared to conventional facelift procedures. Being a comparatively newer procedure, ultherapy also has many technological advancements over time. Ultherapy can also be a little painful sometimes. As there is a numbing cream applied beforehand, the impact of burning sensation will be lesser, and a soothing cream will also be applied afterward to the procedure.


You can go back to normal activities or the gym right after the treatment. Effects of ultherapy may vary in the following days based on personal characteristics and the nature of the skin. In some cases, there are also soreness and swelling reported.


However, in general, there are not many symptoms or aftereffects for the ultherapy procedure. Also, the effects of this treatment are more natural-looking, subtle, and long-lasting. For enjoying the results to the fullest, always make sure that you approach only a skilled and certified ultherapy provider and well-facilitated cosmetic surgery center.

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