The NEW Normal: Are Online Acting Courses Worth It During the Pandemic?

The pandemic has drastically changed the way we live our daily lives. Many industries have been affected by the changes brought about by Covid-19. One of the industries severely hit by the pandemic is the entertainment and arts industry.

For instance, physically attending acting courses today may pose a great risk to actors’ health. So it’s only reasonable that acting courses are also moving to an online platform, just like the rest of the world. However, the main concern of actors attending an online acting course is if it’s worth doing at all.

The Benefits of an Online Acting Course

Aspiring thespians who want to master the skill of acting know the importance of acting courses. Even actors who are already in the industry know that they should keep their skill sharp in between gigs. So it’s understandable when actors feel hesitant that an online acting course won’t be the same as the one that’s done in person.

As classes transitioned online, students and mentors alike have found surprising benefits one can get from an online acting course. Here are some advantages that might encourage you to try them:

1. More Affordable

Acting classes aren’t cheap. That’s why most actors, who are in-between gigs or are looking for one, need a job to keep them afloat. Thankfully, with online courses, prices are cheaper compared to face-to-face classes. 

2. Stay Where You Are

To pursue the dream to act, most actors have to relocate to the city. Relocating can be costly and it can be daunting to uproot your life to start anew in a new place. With acting classes done online, you can stay where you are in the meantime while perfecting your skill.  

3. Building Connections

Most actors thought that online classes will hinder them from creating connections. But some of them realized that when you are acting through a screen, the need to connect comes through and it adds depth and improvement in their work.

4. Provides Flexibility

Since online classes can be accessed wherever you are, they provide flexibility to students when it comes to their time constraints. Also, actors who have to work around their job schedule or living arrangements will find online classes more accommodating.

5. Familiar Environment

When you’re attending your virtual acting classes at home, it gives you the advantage of a familiar environment. Being in the comfort of your home makes you feel safe and encourages you to take bigger risks. Adjusting to a new environment may take some time, so being at home cuts off that adjustment time and you can proceed to work immediately.

These are just some of the advantages that virtual classes can bring you. In addition, to ensure that you get these benefits and more, it’s best to find a reputable acting school. That way, you’re sure that your efforts would pay off since you’re working with the best.


Virtual acting courses may seem challenging to some since they can’t rely on physical chemistry. However, the benefits of doing acting courses online have been observed both by instructors and students. provides acting courses online where students learn skills that are advantageous to anyone who’s planning to make a mark in the industry. 

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