Tiny Body Changes We Shouldn't Neglect To Visit A Dermatologist


Surgeons and doctors are generally visited if we have any serious medical issues. Visiting a specialist is even far if not recommended by anyone! Yet, do you feel that we seldom neglect some little changes in our bodies that should be treated with immediate attention? Skin and hair issues are seldom noticed, and we try every possible home remedy other than visiting a dermatologist. Check out these trivial conditions, which can be your major indications to visit the best dermatologist in Pitampura at the earliest!


Damaging and decaying nails

Long, shaped, and properly filed nails are everyone's fantasy. Though we have the shape intact, poor nail health can sometimes damage the beauty and may lead to severe complications. Extremely brittle, blackening nails breaking to bits can indicate their poor nutrition and blood supply.

Several times, skin cancer also starts with discolored or dark streaks on the nails. Fungal and bacterial infections can also affect the nails and cuticles around. It can lead to swelling, bulging, or redness which can spread throughout the fingers if not treated at the latest. 


Dermatologists attend the smallest of the conditions to treat with medication. Often your nail decorating products can also be the reason for infections that need to be replaced immediately. They can also suggest removing the nails or even the finger portions if they threaten to infect the skin badly. 


Itchy scalp and falling hair

Falling hair strands is a universal issue, but not the one immediately referred to the doctors. There are several cases where we should stop switching between the shampoos and consult a dermatologist in Pitampura for a sure-shot cure. Losing a few strands is normal in daily life but a bunch of hair falling out isn't. A dry, itchy, and excessively flaky scalp can also be serious indications or side effects. 

If you are under medication for chronic diseases like cancer, tuberculosis, birth control, or even stress relief, your medicines can lead to a bad scalp. Referring to a dermatologist can help you identify the real root and suggest possible alterations. 


If not among these, your inherent body could be weak and lacking adequate nutrients and protein. They can prescribe required hair care treatment and supplements or dietary changes to energize your hair growth. 


Visible skin issues

Are pimples and acne common? Yes, one or two are probably persistent due to changing weather or hormonal imbalance in our bodies. Then when to visit a dermatologist? If you notice the boils and rashes way multiplied than regular pimples, it's possibly the time you take action. 

Neglected boils can burst and spread to cause severe infections and damage leading to red, scratching, and burnt skin. Along with the damage to the layer, it can also be some hidden indication of any grave bodily disorder. 


Such common issues are often neglected, and we aimlessly try fiddling with cosmetic products. It is better to get treated from the roots before these trivial symptoms spread to some massive disease!


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