Video Production Guidelines During the COVID-19 Outbreak


During a coronavirus pandemic, people are online more than ever. With restrictions in place and work from home becoming ‘the new normal’, it's only logical that consumers would turn to Internet-based entertainment or shopping for relief during these challenging times--and they're not alone!

If you want to read more about the Coronavirus Pandemic, access the website amount of time that people can gather in a room has reduced after the covid 19 outbreak. Thus, the demand for live streaming video has increased considerably.

In a recent study, 80% of consumers report an increase in consumption as they turn their attention from traditional media to digital content. Watch times for video have reached 100 minutes per day on average and are expected continue growing at this rate due to increased demand by viewers who want access anywhere-and-anytime 24/7.

Video marketing on social media - 48% of social media users said they would share videos with their friends if the video was helpful and engaging. This means that there is an opportunity to reach a global audience for your content! With the power of video production process, brands have an opportunity to engage their audience and make more impactful content. A good way for them do this is by creating videos that offer enough value so people will want watch it from beginning until end - which also means its important not only about what's said but how well everything sounds as well!

Increase in sales and ROI - It stands to reason that if you are not converting your website visitors into customers, then the destruction of your business is imminent. A study by Econsultancy reveals that after viewing product videos prospective buyers are up 84% likely to make a purchase and another 64% say they buy an item online when watching these types of absolutely compelling content for their clients or potential ones! It's clear conversion rates through video marketing can have major implications on how well we do as marketers.

Videos perform well on mobile devices - Technology is changing the way we consume media. A lot more people are watching videos on their smartphones than ever before, and with Generation Z coming into adulthood during this time period where technology plays such an integral role in our lives it only makes sense that they would be hooked!

The average person watches 3 hours 27 minutes worth of YouTube content per month which means there's never been a better chance for brands to reach out if they want some exposure alongside audiences who have grown up surrounded by screens all day long.

Videos build emotional connection - When customers are more connected to your brand, 94% of them will recommend it. This shows how important video content creation is for connecting with audiences and telling the story about what you have in store at all times! A video is more engaging than the typical white background and text-heavy post. The psychology behind them makes it difficult to turn off, especially when compared with other forms of media on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram that can be clicked away from in an instant because they're not videos! Video posts have a much stronger emotional response online as well - people are less likely to stop scrolling if there's something compelling going down at 60 frames per second.

More website traffic is generated - With more businesses turning to the digital world, competition will get fiercer by day. How do you stand out from your competitors? Videos can help drive organic traffic if they have something valuable for their audience.

Increase in Brand Visibility - Video content is a great way to increase your online presence and create lasting impressions that will lead potential customers towards you. A study found that videos produce an average of 88% more time spent by users when they are on websites with video material present, than sites without any type or style of media files at all!

According to a recent survey, consumers are preferring videos over text messages and emails in order for them not miss out on any important information about products. With video content being so visual with sounds all mixed together it makes more sense than one simple written message because our minds need both sight as well sound stimulation when we're trying figure something new out or remember what has happened earlier that day - especially if you want someone's attention!

Consumers want to know more about a product before they buy it. That's why videos are so powerful and informative for marketers, as these short clips provide an excellent combination of visual stimulus with audio cues that help our minds focus on what you're trying say!

With an increasing number of companies choosing a presence in this new era with our ever-evolving technologies and platform developments; many are struggling just trying not lose sight of what makes them unique - namely storytelling through visuals or audio clips on platforms such as Instagram Stories where people interact directly one another about products without even being aware it's part social media marketing strategy! For more than a decade, Google has been actively promoting videos on their platform. This is why if you have content that features video from your website it can increase up to 157% in terms of the number of SERPs one receives when they appear for certain keywords or phrases related specifically with this form of media.

The pandemic has left its mark on the world, but it's not all bad news. With video advertising now available for marketers to use as a form of outreach in these difficult times, you'll be able put your brand into customers' worldviews and make them feel like they have no choice but buy from you! To get a good video marketing strategy hire a video production company.

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