What Is the Best Strategy to Crack the MPSC 2021 Exam?

The MPSC or Maharashtra Public Service Commission exam is a subcategory of the major Civil Service Examinations that take place across the country. These exams are conducted by the Commission to recruit potential candidates for a variety of vacant posts available in the state of Maharashtra. Applicants who make it past all 3 stages are automatically appointed in departments like police, administration, forest services, and engineering, among others.

On average, it is said that 20 lakh candidates prepare for the MPSC exam every year, of which at least 5 lakh candidates are repeat test-takers. This creates a highly competitive and stressful environment for potential aspirants aiming to fill the available 800+ vacancies. 

Here are some useful tips to help you crack the MPSC 2021 exam:

  • Understanding the format: Like with all other exams, understanding the format before you begin your preparation is crucial to help you understand the mark-wise distribution of each section. This will further enable you to focus on important subjects.

There are 3 main stages to the MPSC exam: the Prelims (400 marks), the Mains (800 marks), and the Interview round (100 marks). It is often subject to change.

  • Cover the syllabus: Once you have gotten a hold of the format and know what to focus on, covering the syllabus becomes much easier. BYJU’s Exam Prep app has a wide range of comprehensive study materials in the form of expert-led online videos on all the important subjects like History, Geography, and Polity.
  • Language matters: While the exam sections are available in both Marathi and English, all aspirants must be thorough in Marathi while appearing for the MPSC exam. This is important on two counts: some of the best exam prep books are often available in Marathi, and once you get through all the rounds and are posted, you must know how to converse in the local language.
  • Practice previous years’ papers: Practicing previous year’s question papers act as a great tool to prepare you for the real-life exam. Along with the repository of these past papers, you need detailed solutions. It helps you analyzes your performance to indicate what areas you should be paying more attention to. This further helps one gauge the level of difficulty and changes in the type of questioning over the years.
  • United we stand: It becomes necessary to lean on our support systems during tough times. Similarly, the mentor posts on BYJU’s Exam Prep app acts as the only feed you need to pay attention to while getting ready for the MPSC Exam. From the online application forms, exam dates to study plans, and pop quizzes, the subject experts have always got your back.
  • Stay up-to-date: One of the most important facets of the MPSC exam is being up-to-date with the current affairs of the country, with a special focus on Maharashtra. Aspirants must know about the social, political, geographical, and cultural events of the country. Some magazines and newspapers to religiously follow include The Hindu, Yojana magazine, Press Information Bureau (PIB), and The Hindu Video Analysis.
  • Read, Recite and Revise: After devising an effective timetable to follow, one must read highly recommended subject books as well as NCERT and state board books to ensure cracking the examination. Recite all the information you’re learning and prepare thorough notes at every point. This will allow you to revise topics as and when needed to boost your confidence closer to the exam date. 

Other than the above, one must acquaint themselves with the eligibility for the MPSC exam, like maximum age limits, minimum educational qualifications, and exemptions. The number of attempts in 2021 is 6 for the Open and 9 for the OBC category. As mentioned above as well, being fluent in Marathi, both spoken and written, is a prerequisite, along with possessing a Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized university. 

As is true for every exam, aspirants need to eat and sleep well. Your mind and body will be able to perform their best and retain maximum information when it is well taken care of.

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