Why are wool sweaters so warm?

The colder days are already here, so we need to withstand it as best as we can. While cold weather itself does not make you sick, being exposed to cold for prolonged periods of time will affect your immune system and make you vulnerable to colds, so you should definitely keep yourself warm in the cold season. But instead of wearing too many layers of clothes, you should just choose materials that offer the most in terms of warmth and comfort. There are many different materials to choose from, each with useful properties. However, when it comes to warmth, natural wool is definitely superior. So, a wool sweater and a jacket on top are going to keep you more warm and comfortable than 3 or 4 layers of other materials.

The warmth of the Aran sweaters 

Throughout history, humans have used animal wools and furs to protect themselves from the cold. The harsher the weather, the bigger the necessity for finding warmth. A good example of that is the Aran Islands, which are known for very harsh climacteric conditions. The traditional trade of the men of these islands was fishing. They had to go fishing no matter what the weather was like and this called for protective garments. The best material available to them as sheep’s wool and this turned out to be the warmest natural material there is. This is how the famous Irish fisherman sweaters were born, which are still popular today thanks to their warmth, durability, and style. So, how does wool keep us so warm? Wool is an excellent thermo-regulating material. When your body is cold, the wool fibers act as an insulator. That’s because this fabric contains air pockets which basically trap warm air inside. The wool fibers contain keratin, which is an important layer for maintaining body temperature. Thanks to these natural properties, sheep stay warm even in the harshest colds. It is nice that they can impart that to us.

Wet wool still keeps you warm

Wool sweaters are not only suitable for winter weather. They are actually suitable for any season thanks to their thermo-regulating property. Most importantly, wool sweaters are great for rainy days. So, if you went outside and it suddenly started raining and you have no umbrella or raincoat on you, you’re safe if you’re wearing a wool sweater. That’s because wool keeps you warm even when it’s wet. Wool can absorb up to 30 % of its weight in moisture without feeling wet and heavy. This is possible thanks to the fact that the wool fiber is moisture-wicking. If this moisture is kept away from your skin, you cannot feel the coldness that comes with it. So, if you want to be protected from both cold weather and rainy weather, wool sweaters are the way to go. Make sure you have a few of them in your wardrobe ready to wear in this season!

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