8 Garden Decorating Ideas that Are Quirky and Cheap


Want to elevate your garden's look to the next level? Here are a few great ideas that will transform your simple-looking garden into a haven.

1. Install a Bar:

If you love to entertain, you will not regret getting a compact bar area set up outside. It can be a simple fold-out shelf, just enough to store some essentials. This may look really quirky, and your guests will love this idea. Ensure the bar design is cohesive with the rest of the outdoor look.

2. Go for Functional Outdoor Furniture:

You do not want to fill up your garden area with huge loungers, but you definitely need to set up some furniture to enjoy the space from. The furniture should be outdoors, friendly and comfortable. You can check out outdoor furniture sets Ireland to get a huge variety of garden furniture options to select from. You can add nice cushions and throws to make it cozier and layered up.

3. Repeat Your Home's Exterior Style:

The landscaping that you do outside should actually be the continuation of your exterior so that the entire view looks cohesive. You want to create an area that seems harmonized with the correct flow of energy.

4. Use Lighting As Decor:

This beautiful garden you are creating should also be a place that can be enjoyed after sunset. In fact, it can really look like a romantic space if you use the lights right. Do not just focus on using bright lights, but place them well. There are decorative light bulb holders that would just take the entire concept of the garden to another level. Not just during the night, these light fixtures will look really impressive in the daylight.

5. Do Not Forget to Add A Sound Component:

The garden should be such that it plays with all your senses, which means sound also plays an important role. How would you enjoy the faint sound of water trickling? It will feel like heaven, right? It is absolutely possible if you can install a flowing water element in the garden. It need not be expensive, even something cheap and small, and create that impact.

6. Garden Scents Is Must:

When we talk about senses, you cannot forget the scents. Do not just add visually pleasing plants in the garden. They need to also smell good. You can add herbs, jasmine, lemon, or rose plants to get that pleasant scent in the entrance and seating area.

7. Make Use of Ceramic Pots:

Ceramic pots can get heavy, but as you are not planning to move them much, they add excellent decor value to the garden. There are so many designs and colors available that it will just add some pop to the space. This is a great way to actually make some statement by making use of unique face planters.

8. Use Planter Stands:

There are so many quirky planters available now, which gives a verticle advantage and better use of space. They make a statement piece when used right.

The Bottom Line:

You don't have to spend a lot of money on decorating a space. There is always a cheaper alternative available. You need to have the right vision, and you can always afford a significant spruce up of space.

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