How is Stretch Wrapping Machine used in the Industry?


In the product manufacturing industry, the packaging is the final stage of the production line and the first stage for the customer is to see the packaging. A well-packed product is well appreciated in this industry. The packaging is the first impression to the customer, and the 'first impression is the last impression'.

Consistent packaging is very important to protect the product from dirt and damage. Hand wrapping usually causes inconsistency. That's why companies are taking interest in machinery and automated packaging. That is not only inconsistent but also makes the whole process less time-consuming.

Why do we need to stretch wrap?

The main reason for stretch wrapping is unitizing the bulk order. That helps in the shipment process. Loading at the time of shipment becomes easier because of stretch wrap. It's better to ship one large package than a small numerous package. It's easy to lose one small package easily. But when it is stretch wrapped, everything is written in the consignment. This is the most cost-effective way to save the product from damage and send them to the customer properly. Companies like Armstrong can also help you to introduce stretch wrapping machines in your company.

Why you should use a stretch wrapping machine for packaging:

·    Fast packaging:

An automated stretch wrap machine will pack a bulk of products in the required time. In the automatic wrapper, the program can be customized according to your needs

·    Productivity Increase

An automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine can place your business on the trail to potency. Your operators won't need to watch for the start and stop wrapping cycles. With the location of a pallet on a conveyor or actuation of twine, the wrapping starts and stops mechanically. After all, who doesn't like to do more work in less time?

·    Time saver:

Manually wrapping products in boxers and packing them is tedious and time-consuming work. But using a stretch wrapping machine will save lots of time and effort that can be used in other business work.

·    Reduce Product damage :

Stretch wrapping machines work on a specific working mechanism that is set to do a specific job in a particular way. That does not damage the products. Also packaging the product manually can cause dirt and moisture stain. Using a stretch wrapping machine can reduce this kind of damage.

What are the various ways in which stretch wrapping can be done in industries?

Stretch wrapping can be done in different ways.

·    Manually by worker

·    Semi-Automatic

·    Automatic

Manually hand wrapping is a very time-consuming task. It depends on the worker fully. He wraps around a film on the pallet and walks on the film.

For a semi-automatic machine, the load is placed on the stretch wrappers, and the turntable will rotate the load and apply the film. For straddle type, the load is placed on the wrapper machine and the wrap arm moves around the load and applies the film.

In the case of automatic stretch wrapper machines, it works almost like semi-automated wrappers. But it has an infeed and exit convoy so you don't have to put the load manually in the wrapper. It works in a cycle.

In this way, a Stretch Wrapping Machine can be used for automating the processes of your company.

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