Importance of Influencer Marketing for the perfect marketing bade

Influencer marketing is a method in which a brand incorporates an influencer in the production of a campaign with the primary goal of creating word of mouth in the influencer's community of reference.

As a result, the influencer phenomena is nothing new in comparison to the past. The instrument utilized to transmit the brand or sell the goods is the only thing that is new.

You don't need a lot of communication nowadays with marketing 4.0. Knowing how to operate a smartphone and mastering the usage of social media, as well as having a large number of followers, is sufficient. 

At the heart of word of mouth has always been the notion of an opinion leader, a person who is more credible than a brand and who guides public opinion by acting as a conduit between the latter and the firm.


How do your followers grow?

Influencer marketing India succeeds in gaining a following when it establishes a solid and honest link with its own community, recognizing quality, expertise, and talents in a particular field, and becomes someone with whom to share hobbies or experiences.

What does the work of the influencer consist of?

Respect an influencer if you meet one: he's been developing material for years before becoming famous!

Many people become successful after at least two years of constantly producing material for several platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram (to name the most used ones). This is a real job!

What is the winning formula? Clearly being pioneers of a niche only a few people have explored on the internet, offering originality and inventiveness, and clearly motivated by a strong and/or unique personality that attracts and enables the following.


To differentiate the types of influencers, three main clusters have been identified based on the type of relationship established with the brand:

  1. Identified, considered important for a brand based on the important role they play within a specific sector. A large number of characters fit into this group: from celebrities, people considered to be "famous" and with a very high number of followers, to everyday advocates, simple product reviewers with a good reputation in their community.
  2. Engaged, influencer with whom the brand has established an initial level of interaction, such as the sharing of content on social networks or the simple exchange of follow / like. This represents a first step in building a relationship between company and public figure.
  3. Active: they are the influencers directly involved in real influencer marketing campaigns, which promote products and services and share their values.

Hire influencers India allows you to create more spontaneous and credible communications in the eyes of users, because they are mediated by figures considered credible and (at least in appearance) "similar". A message that, as a result, strips away from the “commercial” superstructures, with all the advantages that this can mean. Credibility, recognized competence, reputation are consequences of a real relationship not only with influencers, but especially with users. Influencers become mediums of corporate communication, but even more so as a bridge to create and strengthen these relationships.

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