The List Of Best Rated Web Series Across Globe


A large part of the world continues to watch web series to relieve their stress and get entertained. You must take a short break from your routine and devote some time in a day to watch a bunch of good web series.Today most of the youngsters are very keen and watching all kinds of series. Across the globe, there are new series released every day. Among all the best-rated web series, here is a list of series with high web series reviews. The list of these is followed below.

The 10 top series

1.      Band of brothers– this series revolves around a set during World War 2, which shows a group of American soldiers during the war. Each episode is dedicated to the journey of a soldier.

2.      Breaking bad – this series shows a school teacher who turns into a criminal. This is a very successful TV series and very influential too.

3.      Chernobyl – this is a series by HBO that says about the nuclear disaster dealt with by the USSR. It focuses on the reasons and effects of all the disasters.

4.      The wire – this is a show that sells crime drama. It has five seasons, each focusing on different sectors of crime happening in Baltimore City.

5.      Game of thrones– this series is based on historical sets, which show how complicated the story has a lot of characters. All the characters are fighting for the throne to sit on.

6.      Rick and Morty – this is one of the best-animated series which has a high web series review in animated series. It shares the adventures of a grandson and grandfather where they play with different dimensions and laws of physics.

7.      Scam 1992 – this series is based on the Indian scam of Harshad Mehta. The scam generally revolves around the stock market.

8.      Avatar the Last Airbender – this series is one of the top-rated web series in the anime. It says about mythology and the people who can manipulate all the four elements of the earth. A 12-year-old boy used on a journey of a war with the other Nations to save all these elements.

9.      The sopranos – this series is a very good television show which shows a monster who is taking a perfect balance try for his work and his family life. The story is narrated when the lead character goes for a therapy session.

10.  Fullmetal Alchemist brotherhood– this is the best-rated web series in Japanese animated series, the Manga series. The story throws light on two brothers who want to restore the body after failing to bring life to their mother.

All these web series have very good reviews. The series consists of very good stories and plots which make them unique from all. You can watch this series on the internet with subscription plans of some online content providers where the series are available.

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