What is the best Roof Cleaning Method?


There are 4 Main Roof Cleansing strategies that professional Roof Pressure Cleaning services in Gold Coast use: 

1.       Pressure Washing

2.       Soft Washing

3.       Roof Moss Removal

4.       Steam Cleaning


Not only is it important to select the best Pressure Cleaning Service, but also you need to select the roof cleansing approach that will fit your roof the best. There are many factors to consider like the extent of roof cleansing required, the extent of algae and moss growth, and the roof tiles material, it's far crucial to now no longer harm your roof types.


Fortunately, POWERWASH is the only solutions you need for a hassle free Roof Pressure Cleaning in Gold Coast. We survey your home and quote the best method for cleaning your house roof and giving a makeover.


The primary motive for having special strategies of roof cleansing is that there are numerous special versions of roof tiles and roofing. The primary elements which should be kept in mind while selecting a roof cleansing approach are: 

  1. Roof’s Age
  2. Roof Tiles’s Condition
  3. The kind of Roof Tiles


If the roof isn’t regularly cleaned it leads to buildup of moss and grime. However, the age of the roof does now no longer usually correlate with the quantity of moss at the roof. The amount of moss is decided with the aid of using numerous different elements like texture of the roof tile, the level of daylight the roof gets, the quantity of rainfall the roof gets and local conditions. 


The motive for choosing special cleansing strategies as per your roof conditions is to avoid damaging the roof, for example, Pressure washing is great for roofs in suitable circumstance and with some kinds of tiles but it can now no longer be the fine approach for cleansing different extra sandy confronted concrete tiles in poorer situations. 

Pressure Washing 


Despite hearsay, pressure washing is appropriate for a variety of roofs. According to PowerWash Survery, the maximum roof tiles in Gold Coast are suitable for Roof Pressure washing Gold Coast


Roof Pressure Washing will remove all the settled and accumulated dirt, muck, grime and moss buildup and give your roof a clean look like it looked on the day it was made. Using our state of the art tools and pressure washing machine, PowerWash provides the best Roof pressure cleaning in Gold Coast.


Pressure washing needs the proper instruments and professionals to handle. Pressure washing is suitable for all roof tops and the high pressure water jet makes strips the dirt and muck from the roof giving it a brand new feel

Soft Washing


For sensitive roof tiles, specifically clay tiles, are can use our tender washing approach to easy and defend the roof. This is a extra mild use of spray generation that may absolutely rework a roof again to search new again. 


Roof Moss Removal


For sandy confronted concrete tiles a higher roof cleansing approach will be the moss elimination roof cleansing approach, that is wherein we use telescopic scrapers to manually scrape and put off the moss from the roof tiles after which deal with the moss with a fungicidal wash (biocide or fungicide treatment) which facilitates to discourage destiny moss increase with the aid of using killing any last moss spores.


 Steam Cleaning


For greater sensitive roofs or if the natural increase could be very installed and there are cussed white and black lichen spots at the roof then we are able to prefer to steam easy the roof, that is due to the fact steam cleansing is cleansing at decrease strain and better temperature, this now no longer best decreases the chance of negative fragile surfaces however additionally cleans kills extra


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