Cleaning Tips You May Not Know About

There are plenty of cleaning ideas that have been passed down through the generations, and many of these are so helpful that they might completely alter the way you clean your house. These methods are shortcuts that can help us clean more quickly, efficiently, and even eliminate stubborn stains.

For example, a well-known cleaning company Castle Keepers of Greenville uses several of these techniques in their line of work. Using these cleaning tips can save you a lot of trouble – stubborn stains, new ways of solving cleaning problems, etc. They can even cut down on time spent cleaning. These methods typically involve basic home goods that you never realized could assist you in cleaning.

In this article, we are going to share some of the cleaning tips nobody told you about – until now!

Olive Oil Can Help Cleaning

Do you have a hard time cleaning fingerprints off your fridge? This is especially problematic to people with new stainless steel-colored fridges that show fingerprints more easily. However, cleaning can actually be just as easy - simply use a drop of olive oil with a paper towel to polish your stainless steel appliances to perfection.

This easy procedure will help you remove any stains that were previously a drag to remove. Alternatively, baby oil may be used in the same way. Simply wipe away the oil with a dry paper towel, and you’re good to go. Side tip – you can use this same technique to clean any stainless steel surface.

Cleaning Grease with Chalk

Did you know that white chalk might be used to get rid of persistent grease stains? White chalk may be used to remove butter, oil, salad dressing, and other stains that you didn't know how to wash away. Simply apply the chalk to the stain and wash as usual. Your clothing should come out completely clean.

Cleaning the Ceiling Fan Quickly

Cleaning the ceiling fan is pretty tricky for most homeowners, but it is necessary. Dust settles everywhere after a while, and that includes your ceiling fan blades. You may end up with dust and grime from the fans all over your house (and in your lungs) if you don't do it correctly.

Most people don’t have a proper dusting implement in their homes, which makes cleaning this task more difficult. However, there is a simple solution! Use an old pillowcase to encase a single fan blade, along with any dust on it – and simply slide it off – you’ll get all of the dust while not spraying any of it around.

Rubber Gloves Can Help You Get Rid of Hairs

There are always a few hairs left behind after using a vacuum cleaner, regardless of how powerful it is. If you have pets at home, the issue is likely more pronounced. And hairs don’t just look unseemly, they can also be a cause of allergies.

Thankfully, a simple rubber glove can solve those problems quite effectively. Simply run your gloved hand across the surface you want to clean and static electricity will do the rest.

Make a Powerful All-Purpose Cleaner

There appears to be a product for cleaning just about every area of your home on the market, and between you and me, purchasing all of them to clean your house may end up costing you a lot of money.

The answer: Make your own cleaning product that works on any surface in your home. Mix a quart of warm water with four spoons of baking soda and a few drops of lemon juice to make an effective stain remover that can handle almost any mess you throw at it.

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