Difference Between Smoking, Heated Tobacco Products, and E-cigarettes

 Smoking cigarettes is unhealthy and so adults need to consider it seriously. They need to switch to e-cigarettes, which are regarded to be less damaging to health and the environment. Those who want to quit smoking, but continue to fulfill their craving for nicotine can choose e-cigarettes. Is e-cigarette a better option than conventional cigarettes? 

Burning of tobacco creates smoke

Cigarette means tobacco rolled in paper. When you light the cigarette to smoke it burns at 600°C, but when puffed it can fare over 800°C. Tobacco burning is risky because in this process harmful toxins and chemicals are released in the smoke, which blends with the air and people inhale. Nicotine is not responsible for smoke-related diseases but those releasing chemicals from the burning process.

Heated tobacco products 

The heat-not-burn products or heated tobacco products mean the tobacco is heated and not burnt. This is the vast difference between heated tobacco products and burning tobacco. Heated tobacco products only heat and so there is no smoke produced. The aerosols released from the vaping process contain lower and fewer levels of damaging chemicals in comparison to cigarette smoke. Visit sticks.sale store online to buy branded heated tobacco products.

Heated tobacco devices heat genuine tobacco within a particular temperature. A heat control system helps to prevent the tobacco from burning. On the other hand, e-cigs vaporize liquid solution that contains nicotine and flavor. 

The heated tobacco device is available in two main parts –

  • Heating source
  • Tobacco

You can choose a heated tobacco device that can be used manually or automatically. However, the products differ from one brand to another in terms of the temperature at which tobacco is heated. Avoid products with high temperatures because tobacco can get burnt. The nicotine delivered is the same with heated tobacco products but contains less harmful chemicals. 

Tobacco cigarette vs. e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes don’t release smoke as tobacco is not burnt. They comprise nicotine, which produces an aerosol that is commonly called vapor, so the term ‘Vaping’. E-cig is a vaping process that creates vapes, which contain less damaging toxins in comparison to tobacco cigarette smoking. Every e-cigs don’t contain nicotine, so read the label. 

Are e-cigs and heated tobacco devices safe alternatives to smoking tobacco cigarettes?

Generally, the total safety associated with smoke-free products including heated tobacco devices and e-cigs is hard to identify. Each style needs clear scientific research and proof. So, you can say that there is hardly an entirely safe option for conventional cigarettes to date. 

If the device does not burn tobacco, then it should not release even fewer toxins, but here in vaping and using heated tobacco products generate chemicals at a lower level. The extent of damage to the body and environment is reduced in comparison to conventional smoking activity. How much risk is reduced needs to be a hot topic of research associated with smoke-free products and e-cigs? 

As both contain nicotine, which is not risk–free. It is also addictive. Nicotine is not the main cause of smoke-related disease, so adults can choose a smoke-free option and quit cigarettes.

It is not just better for personal health but even for the public. In heated tobacco products, there is nicotine present in the tobacco, while in e-cigs the liquid has nicotine extracted from tobacco. Therefore, adults who are smoking can switch to less harmful smoke-free options. While those who have not started smoking or vaping need to stay away from it because even smoke-free options are not risk-free. 

The message is clear – ‘If you smoke ‘QUIT’ and if you cannot then ‘SWITCH’. If you don’t vape or smoke – ‘AVOID IT’!

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