How to plan before you start writing your dissertation?

The orientation is slim, since it is the student's job to determine the subject of the master dissertation, how to write a master dissertation, where to find the references, which methodological approach to use, where is the best place to write the memory, etc.


Choose a topic that concerns your mastery and interests

Therefore, the first and essential piece of advice is to choose a subject that interests you and you have knowledge of it. If you are an excellent election observer and analyzer and if the American election of Biden still surprises you, study the reasons behind his victory.

If you like 90s cinema, write a memoir on the influence of the Cold War context on the American film industry.

No one wants to spend almost a year studying and researching a boring subject.

 Ask yourself the right and important questions:

  • What is my mastery subject?
  • Are there any topics that intrigue me that merit further research?
  • How can I adapt them to my speciality?
  • Is this a feasible subject?

Also, check your institution's instructions if you have any. Sometimes, subjects or selection criteria are imposed. To help you, you can consult our articles on the choice of a dissertation subject:

  • The right subject.
  • Choice of the subject.
  • Delimitation.
  • Relevance.
  • Examples of topics.

 2. Prepare a work schedule

For a job of this magnitude, it is necessary to schedule and assess each step's time. You wouldn't want to turn in an assignment late, or worse, unfinished.

 3. Don't be stay away from the library

You will also need to understand that the library will be your best ally in preparing and collecting data for your dissertation. Do not forget to go there, consult books on your subject, and soak up the academic mentality that reigns there. The library is also the ideal place to write your dissertation, as you will avoid distractions.

 4. Get the right dissertation guide 

The first tip on this point chooses the right thesis director. Every teacher has a reputation, and it's easy to tell which teachers pay attention to their students' memoirs. Also, choose a professor who has knowledge of the subject of your dissertation and who could help you with his network when you need to do research.

Your research supervisor is also there to help you validate your memory plan. You can also hire a specialist for your Dissertation Proofreading.

 5. Develop a feasible research plan

Research is the central part of the design and scientific relevance of your dissertation. A thesis aims to bring a new vision or knowledge on a subject using the appropriate research methods. However, do not be too ambitious in your research approach on the subject of your thesis. You have to think about the following:

 The feasibility of the research

Are your research ambitions feasible? For example, you cannot prove that Mars is inhabited or that beer can cure hair loss.

 The necessary contacts

You sometimes have to interview people who have a specific function for your research: do you have the contacts? Can your thesis supervisor help you? The Proofreading Services will ensure the error-free test in your dissertation. 

Time for research

Research can be done throughout the dissertation design, depending on the type of research and the availability of speakers. All the same, allow the time necessary for the collection and if you need to conduct interviews, do some transcription or analysis of the data.


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