Best Funeral Arrangements For The Last Rites Of Your Loved Ones!


Plenty of people takes birth every year, the same or fewer people pass away the same day. The ratio of death and birth is disproportional and improper; we all lose a lot of humans for various reasons every day. Therefore, we must make sure that the last rites of the people that have passed away should be in the best possible ways.


The last rites are different for different religions and castes. Sometimes various people have the wish of their ashes being released in the most sacred rivers situated in the ghat areas in India, where the river Ganges is considered to be a source of purity and salvation. The funeral service price in these areas is considered to be reasonably high because of the significance the location holds.


A lot of devotees visit the river every year, and the ghats that cover the entire areas like Kashi Vishwanath temple, Assi ghat, Dashashwamedha ghat, Sankat Mochan Mandir, kanaka Durga mandir, Ahilyabai ghat, Rana mahal ghat, man mandir ghat, etc. are some of the best and most spiritual places that are visited by the devotees since these places in Varanasi carry a lot of mythological history as well as spiritual meaning and definitions.


Why are these areas preferred for funeral arrangements by the devotees?


The rivers flowing through these areas that are majorly consisting of the river Ganges as the primary flow, but get distributed into river Varuna and river Assi later on that are the two main rivers responsible for the name of the place termed as Varanasi.


These rivers and the river Ganges itself carry a lot of religious and spiritual importance, the areas that the river Ganges covers are known to be some of the most sacred places where most Hindu funeral arrangements get fulfilled.


The Hindu funeral consists of cremation services which result in the remains of the deceased turning to ashes, and these ashes are released into these holy rivers as a form of the soul's salvation and purity. There are a plethora of different options that you can choose from to carry forward the last rites of the deceased. The services are spread across the areas, but due to the popularity and the religious significance of the river Ganges in the Hindu religion, these places are booked most of the time. The funeral service price differs accordingly.


Therefore, people often need to book their slots before visiting the place with the deceased body for the last rites to complete the funeral arrangements in the best possible situations and conditions. These ghats and rivers have seen and experienced many complexes and depressing problems as most Hindu populations are fixated on completing the last rites for their loved ones in these areas.


On the other hand, these areas and ghats have become a significant tourist attraction and allow foreign devotees to come, visit and experience the tremendous religious aura that the place emits in the evenings and early mornings when the doors of the temples are opened. People get a glance at the god situated in the middle of the temple, and hymns prayers are sung by the devotees with all their respect and love for the gods.

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