When Taste Is Just Not Enough


Do you want to know one basic but secretive solution for all your problems? If yes, then it’s a chocolate, yes not a word but an emotion nowadays. It has become a one stop solution for various issues faced by all. It can make the short-tempered and annoyed person feel better after having a bite of it. They are the delicious treats that are loved by all and are consumed by all at every occasion be it a birthday party, anniversary celebration, special celebrating days like mother’s day, father’s day and much more. Not only had that but also on various festivals liked Diwali, New Year and so on.

Well it does not end here, with the increase craze for chocolates, people have also increased their fascination for the imported chocolates. Chocolates bring happiness by gifting or buying the imported chocolates online to their loved ones which is like a full package of ecstasy. Not only that, people like to buy imported chocolates online if not available in stores. The reason is not just that they are fascinated but there are also other reasons and one of them being that more number of people are leaving India either for studies or for settlement, sending their love in the form of imported chocolates that people find irresistible because of its richness of cocoa and the smooth texture that it have. There's another reason why imported chocolates are worth buying, and that's its taste. In contrast to other Indian chocolates, it has a different taste. It is a fact that chocolate is made differently from country to country, brand to brand, and therefore the taste varies. Due to the presence of more buffaloes than cows in India, the milk used in the process of chocolate making is different, thereby impacting the taste of chocolate. Cow's milk is sweeter and fattier than Buffalo's milk, which results in a difference in taste. Another possible reason might be the use of cocoa powder in the chocolate. Several factors affect the quality of powder, including soil, weather, location, etc. As a result, the taste changes as well.

Let’s talk about the trend of import of imported chocolates to India. The below line graph depicts the year-wise import of chocolate to India from the year 2009 to 2020 and it shows that the value of it is fluctuating between the years. 

There are 66 countries in the world from where India imports its chocolates. Surprisingly India imported 43.04 USD Million from those countries in the year 2020-2021 from April to November. According to the Indian shipment records Italy, China, Germany, Indonesia and Belgium are the best countries to import chocolates from as together they sold 43.04 USD Million of worth value of chocolates to India. India has reduced its import of chocolates from few countries like Montenegro, Norfolk IS and Burkina Faso.

Are you interested in knowing what brands of chocolate are imported from other countries? Listed below are the chocolate brands available in India, if you are a chocolate lover.















Toblerone ranks as one of the most popular international chocolate brands available in India. It is an original Swiss chocolate and Cadbury is the No1 brand in India. Cadbury Dairy milk chocolate is one of the best chocolates in India, and is one of the world's leading chocolate brands.

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