Top 5 Helmets Brands in India

There are a number of brands in India that offer helmets. Among the top helmet brands are Bell, Kawasaki, and KTM. However, if you're looking for an affordable, quality helmet that is also durable, look no further. This article will give you the lowdown on some of the top brands in India. You'll also find a few recommendations for helmets that are both stylish and affordable.

SMK is a premium brand of motorcycle helmets that combines high quality with decent design. This ECE-certified helmet has a retractable visor, in-helmet sun shades, and comfortable padding. Autofy is a trusted name in the motorcycle helmet industry in India. Its premium helmets are a bit more expensive, but they're well worth it. They also meet international standards, so you can rest assured that your safety is guaranteed.


Steelbird helmets are one of the best brands of bike helmets in India. The range is primarily targeted towards the youth, who are looking for fashionable gear. Steelbird is also one of the most popular helmet brands in India, as it offers several unique features like anti-scratch and anti-fog visors. Its competitive price tag makes it an excellent choice for many bikers. Riders can choose between full-face, open face, and flip-up helmet modules.

Its hygienic interior is a major plus, especially during hot weather. It features a quick-release micrometric buckle, as well as a detachable visor. The helmet can also be easily washed, as the visor can be removed and installed as per the need. The interior padding of Steelbird helmets is also machine washable. It is available in different colours and materials, depending on the climate.


Vega Helmets is a Karnataka-based company that manufactures and markets quality motorcycle helmets. They manufacture a comprehensive line of motorcycle helmets as well as accessories. Vega also offers motocross goggles, side boxes, and scarves. Vega helmets are generally cheaper than other brands on the market. Here are some reasons why Vega is the best helmet brand in India.

Vega motorcycle helmets are lightweight, high quality, and durable. They are made from a hard ABS shell that protects the head during a crash. This helmet also features an adjustable chin strap and a removable, washable inner liner. They are easy to clean and have many copies. Whether you're looking for an affordable motorcycle helmet or a high-quality one, Vega helmets are an excellent choice.


SMK helmets are among the best motorcycle helmets brands in India, and they are not only affordable but also packed with features. These motorcycle helmets are ISO certified and are widely available at discounted prices on online stores. They offer various benefits, such as hypoallergenic liners, washable visors, and free delivery within India. ISI certified helmets are essential for riding in India, and these helmets are incredibly safe and comfortable.

In fact, SMK helmets are manufactured in India by Studds, the world's largest manufacturer of motorcycle helmets. Their motorcycle helmets are both technologically advanced and aesthetically appealing. They blend Italian design with 35 years of Studds' expertise to create a helmet that meets international safety standards and is as stylish as it is safe. Each SMK helmet is rigorously tested in state-of-the-art laboratories to make sure that they meet stringent safety standards.


SHARK helmets are one of the premium helmet brands in the world. They have an unmatched combination of safety, protection, and design. Shark is manufactured by 2Ride Holding Group, which also owns Nolan, Grex, Cairn, and Grex. The Shark family includes various motorcycle helmet brands, as well as helmet bags, luggage, and riding gear. Adding Nolan to its portfolio can strengthen the Shark family, and it could also broaden the range. However, it's unclear whether the 2Ride Holding Group plans to continue producing Nolan helmets in India.

The French-based company produces helmets for every type of rider. The main focus of Shark helmets is safety and durability. Their helmets are also stylish and affordable. The Shark Street Dark range of full-face helmets, for example, are quite unique. The company also sells a wide range of helmets in India at prices ranging from Rs. 900 to Rs. 9 lakh. In India, Shark helmets are available from authorized dealers and can be purchased online through official websites.

Royal Enfield

Recently, Royal Enfield and Helmets For India announced a partnership, and through the initiative, renowned artists will be commissioned to create graffiti-inspired designs on Royal Enfield motorcycle helmets. These unique designs will be auctioned off to raise funds for helmet safety in India. The artworks will be revealed in a series of social media posts, and the final designs will be part of a prestigious exhibition in India.

Vega Auto Accessories is a leading helmet manufacturer in India. Their products are famous for their world-class design, manufacturing process, and quality. The company has dealerships across India, and they have a range of high-end motorcycle helmets, including the LS2 Helmet. This helmet is made from a combination of knit and mesh, with polyester internals for comfort. It is the only motorcycle helmet in India to feature this technology.

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