4 Tarot Reading Techniques to Make Your Readings More Accurate

Have you ever felt like you got a less-than-promising or otherwise inaccurate reading? You probably have. Tarot is no exact science, and even when you're using the right deck and cards, your results may vary depending on the reader's skill level. This is something to keep in mind when consulting with psychics or trying to learn tarot — knowing your limitations and understanding the basics of how readings work from the Best tarot reading sites of 2022 will help ensure a more accurate reading for everyone involved.

1. Make positive associations with what's on each card: Before starting a tarot reading, try picturing something positive that either represents each of the tarot cards or should also be happening in your life at that point. Use personal associations, if possible, as well as general ideas. In the example below, you might picture yourself on a beach or around your favorite body of water.


2. Don't exclude what doesn't "fit." While the idea of tarot is to get a snapshot of various aspects of your life, it's important not to be rigid in what you're picturing. When concentrating on the cards, try not to shut out or ignore ideas that don't perfectly match up with your expectations. You might be surprised by how well "off" ideas work as well.

3. Ask for the interpretation you want to get. It's important to be clear about what you want, both for you and your reading partner. Maybe you just need a general idea of how things are going at work, or what your next steps are moving forward in a relationship. Maybe you're hoping for a better outcome on an upcoming project or business endeavor, or maybe you want to know if that person is the right one for you. While not all readings will accurately reflect past events and situations, even if they don't quite fit what you were hoping, making sure to ask your question clearly will trigger positive personal associations with whatever comes up so that those positive elements do in fact come through during the reading.

4. Use personal connections: No matter how hard you try, it's probably impossible to relate every reading to something nice and positive in your life. Sometimes it's hard enough just to admit that there might be aspects of your life that aren't as sunny as you'd like them to be. In this case, avoid thinking about the negative aspects altogether and associate those cards with something negative from the past or even a negative feeling in general. It might be easier to think of a scary scene from your favorite movie than a disturbing event from your past, for instance.

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