Everything You Have to Know about Gracie Jiu-jitsu as a Beginner

Jiu-jitsu is a popular type of martial art. Most people get confused about Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Gracie jiu-jitsu, especially those who are first timers to the world of martial arts. The truth is these two types of martial arts come from the same source, but they have different features. The most notable differences of the two are in the philosophy and teaching style. This article focuses more on Gracie jiu jitsu Burwood martial arts teaching.

What exactly is Gracie jiu jitsu?

First of all, this is a specific system of self-defense. A new student in this system has the primary goal of protecting himself and to win in a real-life street-fighting situation. On the other hand, Brazilian jiu-jitsu is primarily for recreational purposes. It is taught in a way in which students are matched to fight each other in a showcase of skills.

A brief history of Gracie jiu jitsu

The first to be developed was Brazilian jiu-jitsu, which was modified by the Gracie brothers in the 1920s. The Brazilian brothers Carlos, Oswaldo, Gastao Jr., George, and Helio Gracie asked the help of Mitsuyo Maeda, a judo master. After which, the brothers developed their own system of self-defense which brought to life Gracie jiu jitsu.


The Gracie family is prominent when it comes to martial arts. The family has shown success in combat sport competitions for more than 80 years. Apart from its long history of contribution to martial arts, they are also known as co-creators of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Why is it considered the most effective system for self-defense?

Gracie jiu jitsu has been tested by the Gracie family for over 85 years in numerous real-life street fights. The system revealed its superiority compared to the other systems in 1993 during the four editions of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). During the event, the smaller fighter Royce Gracie (Helio Gracie’s son) defeated much larger opponents who practice the more traditional martial arts in a series of bouts with no time limit and no rules.


What are the techniques involved in Gracie jiu jitsu?

Gracie jiu jitsu burwood schools do not teach lightning-quick kicks and deathly punches like those seen in the movies. Instead, Gracie jiu jitsu relies primarily on grappling techniques with the help of timing, leverage, and natural movements of the body when taking down, choking, doing minimal strikes, and applying joint locks. It offers a realistic and effective way to protect  yourself. You may also have complete control on how much you will be able to harm the attacker.


Teaching Gracie jiu jitsu to children helps them in terms of preventing bullying, which has become prevalent in schools all over the world. This also provides children the self-confidence they need for them to stand up for themselves and avoid causing trouble with others.


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