Making Plastic Packaging Innovative with Clear-Pak Australia


Are you ready to innovate the way you pack your products? Do you want to improve your packaging process? Clear-Pak will be your favourite partner if you're looking for reputable plastic packaging in Australia. With their advancements in technology regarding plastic and cardboard packaging, rest assured that you will get the shape, size, and design you want. They currently use 3D modelling and computer-aided design, which helps them create the ideal packaging you want. Therefore, whatever you envision, they can turn into reality. It's all about working with Clear-Pak to achieve your goal.

Clear-Pak is one of Australia's most trusted plastics and cardboard packaging creators. They help businesses get the right type of packaging without hassle. And if you work with them, you can instantly have that unique design you always wanted. They will want to make your dreams come true, one packaging at a time. 

Furthermore, 24 Thoughts provides a wide variety of packaging information organized by type and category. There are articles about how to choose the right package for your product, tips on designing effective packages, and guidance on complying with government regulations.

So, let's learn more about them here.

Experience an Advanced Custom Design & Sampling Process

With Clear-Pak, you won't have to deal with packaging that can be easily torn off. Your products won't be vulnerable out in the wild anymore. Therefore, ensuring its protection from harmful and harsh elements. Here, they will help you create a custom design from scratch thanks to their computer-aided design and 3D modelling. So they can create the perfect plastic or cardboard packaging you always wanted. Whatever the shape or the size you're looking for, they can craft them for you. Whether it's a folding carton, cylinder, or a two-piece lid & base box, Clear-Pak can design it!

Honouring Sustainability

Yes, we know how harmful plastic products can be to our environment. It's a harsh truth we must accept, but we can control it by being sustainable. And since sustainable packaging is a must, Clear-Pak is introducing Clear-PET. It's a material made from recycled plastic water bottles. It has 20% to 100% recycled content, and it's 100% recyclable. Additionally, it's high-impact and scratch resistant, giving you the best product from recycled material. Finally, extrusion methods to create these products save energy, which encourages the recycling of bottles and other types of plastic packaging.

High-Quality Plastic Packaging

Clear-Pak ensures to create your plastic packaging using high-grade materials. Thus, raw materials are sourced from different parts of the world to create and ensure a top-quality product. Of course, clarity is consistent throughout all of their products, and it is high-impact and scratch resistant. So you know that their products are of the highest quality and can be tailored according to your needs and preferences. These are what sets Clear-Pak apart from other plastic packaging manufacturers. With their wide range of packaging solutions, you can achieve the kind of packaging you need, whether it’s custom-made or not. On, there is a lot of different packaging information available for users to access. This includes everything from package inserts and product leaflets to patient medication guides and more. So, check them out!

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