10 Good Luck Plants that may Bring Health, Wealth, and Love to Your Home


People consider some plants to be lucky as they bring them lots of wealth and prosperity. The ancient Chinese people used to keep lucky bamboo in their homes. Other countries also believe this plant is common good luck.

A good luck plant naturally attracts positive energy into the home. Most people buy these plants to benefit from them. However, these plants also increase the home's decor. You can also keep these plants at your office or workplace.

List of 10 Good Luck Plants

Shop among these good luck plants from online gift shops and benefit from it.

        Money Plant

According to Feng Shui, this plant brings good luck, wealth, and harmony. Having money planted by your side, you can overcome any financial obstacles. It also filters the toxins out of the air and requires low maintenance.

        Pachira Money Tree

The Pachira money tree brings good luck and attracts wealth. According to a legend, a poor farmer from Taiwan became rich after finding this plant. You will need to have three to five braided plants to achieve luck in your life.

        Lucky Bamboo

In Asian culture, this plant is always believed to be a symbol of good fortune. It brings harmony to the five key Feng Shui elements. The arrangement of lucky bamboo plants is crucial as it attracts love, peace, luck, health, and fortune.

        Areca Palm

This plant not only brings good luck and peace but also creates a natural appeal at home. You can enjoy the tropical and breezy feel by placing this plant. It attracts good energy and removes harmful dust.

        Rubber Plant

This good luck plant has round leaves. This plant is known for increasing wealth and fortune. According to Feng Shui, it brings prosperity and peace while removing toxins from the air.


This plant is also known as Tulsi, and it is native to Asia. In the Hindu religion, this plant is considered holy as it holds great religious significance. It comes in a variety of types, including Kapoor Tulsi, Ram Tulsi, and Lakshmi Tulsi.

        Potted Orchids

It is a flowering plant with the most beautiful flowers. You can keep this inside your home and nurture relationships around it. This plant brings good luck and helps find your love.

        Peace Lily

This plant can clean all types of environmental contaminants. It needs less light and can grow well inside the home. It also produces white flowers. This lucky plant increases the appeal of your office as well as your home.

        Jade Plant

It also has round leaves and brings prosperity. You can gift this plant to the business owner or keep it at your home. It will bring lots of good news.

        Snake Plant

This plant absorbs poisonous gases from the air and brings good luck. It shields the home from negative energy and spreads strong positive energy. This plant is also known as "mother-in-law’s tongue." Place this plant in a secluded area to benefit from it.

Bring Good Luck Plants Today to Your Home

Consider the good luck plant your BFF, whenever you need positive and refreshing energy. You can buy a variety of good luck plants from an online gift store. Some lucky plants have therapeutic properties such as air purification etc. Choose the plants that fit best according to your preference.

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