How the Virtual Number Solution from Knowlarity Better Than Others?


A virtual number service is a cloud-based number that routes incoming customer calls to agents as per the needs of a customer. A business can use both local and international virtual number solutions for business expansion. Virtual number service offers an identity to a business which also is a medium to connect with the business. 

Knowlarity & Virtual Number Solutions

Virtual number service from Knowlarity is better than other solution providers. Many reasons make businesses prefer Knowlarity above other providers. The features that help a business are:

1. IVR integration: A business can use IVR multi-level menu to establish immediate interaction with the customers.  It helps a business to offer service instantly in a very systematic way. A customer can choose the needed service using the menu. It is a self-help service that can also connect with the business agent. 

2. Call routing: Virtual number service can route calls to specific departments and agents as per the need of the customer. It helps the customers to directly connect and get immediate solutions. 

3. Call recording: All inbound and outbound calls are directly recorded with the solution. It helps a business to maintain a database as well as keep track of all calls. With Knowlarity as a solution provider, there is no risk of data loss as the cloud communication solution provider confirms the safety of data. The recorded call data can be used for training and strategy purposes. 

4. Concurrent calls: A business can respond to concurrent calls with a virtual number solution. It is helpful for businesses of every size. Small size businesses can handle growing call lists with limited human resources. For a large size business, it can manage huge call volumes with this feature. 

5. Multi-lingual support: Virtual number solution supports multiple languages. A business can offer multiple language options to customers.  It increases the acceptance rate of the business among the customers. It supports customer engagement rate and increases customer satisfaction. It makes the business more accessible in the market and helps to establish market branding. 

Knowlarity as a solution provider offers standard virtual receptionists in India. A business with a virtual receptionist India solution can offer 24x7 customer support without any human interaction. Virtual reception India is a smart IVR system that helps customers to connect with the right department automatically. It is an efficient business call management solution. It saves time and resources while offering accurate service. The voice greetings enhance customer experience and the IVR menu ensures faster on-call resolution. 

Reasons that Make Knowlarity the Best Virtual Number Solution Provider

Knowlarity is one of the best cloud-based communication providers that has been preferred both nationally and internationally. It is used by more than 6000 organizations and businesses, from more than 60 countries across the world. The services offered by Knowlarity can be used by every business size and by every industry. The pricing of the solutions offered is very economical. The three main pricing categories & you check them out here.

Knowlarity also offers customized packages as per the need of the business. Thus, a business can customize the business virtual numbers as they want. This helps to design the number as per the needs and demands of the market and customers. It can also be based on the budget of the business. A business can also integrate different cloud communication solutions. A business can integrate virtual number solutions with missed call solutions or toll-free number services for better service delivery. Knowlarity helps the business to choose the best solutions guided by experts. It offers free trials and demo services so that a business to build confidence in business before investing in the provider. It provides 24x7 support and multiple visibilities on all social platforms. Knowlarity supports a business in establishing market branding. It confirms a business offers seamless quality service to its customers. 

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