Switching out some clothing items to elevate your style

If you’re going through a personality crisis, change of style or you just want to make some steps towards a more elevated wardrobe, we’ve got you. With men’s outfits, it’s easy to switch out some simple pieces for something a touch different and make a big impact. That’s why in this article we’re giving you some advice about how to look more stylish without much effort. We’ve prepared some suggestions of what you can wear instead of the basics to look more put together so read along and get ready to turn some heads. If you want some more fashion tips, make sure you check out Vogue Men for some refreshing insights.


Starting off with the bottoms for your outfits, if you’re the type of guy who wears skinny jeans every day, you’re surely missing out. While skinny jeans have been popular for a while, a new trend has taken over, and it’s way more comfortable to wear. Switching out your skinny jeans for some loose pants, carrot trousers or some cargo pants, you’ll make all the difference. This will improve your style, as well as your comfort level so it’s a double win. By doing this, every casual outfit will have a little bit of elegance in it and you’ll look like you really know what you’re doing with your fashion choices.


In order to have a complete outfit, you need some basics that are not that basic, but still easy to style. So for our next suggestion, we think you should ditch the basic white tee for a polo shirt. Polo shirts have that sophisticated look to them, but they’re just as comfy and good quality as any cotton t-shirt. So you’ll improve your looks without paying with your comfort. A polo would also look great with the carrot trousers we mentioned above, so you can get a full smart casual look that is comfortable, stylish and very easy to put together. 


Last but not least, the important piece in any outfit is the shoes. They can definitely make or break a look, so you need to pick something that goes with your style. If you’re going for a smart casual look, a pair of white or beige sneakers would work with pretty much any outfit. If you want something more elegant, go for some oxford shoes that have a little bit of a high sole, that will add some chunkiness, making them look more serious. Stay away from shoes that are boldly colored in one single color as they tend to look pretty tacky. Put on your polo t-shirt, carrot trousers and white sneakers and you’re ready to rock this summer. 

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