Manifestation vs. Manipulation: What's The Difference

Have you ever heard of the word manifestation? Yes, the same word that has been ruling social media these days. Let's understand how manifestation is different from manipulation.

All of us might have read about mirror theory. Whatever you think inside is the same you attract from the universe. Or your external experiences are the reflections of your internal emotions.

The same mirror theory aligns with the concept of manifestations. You can shape the world around you or your experience by directing your thoughts, beliefs, and intentions.


Consider a random day when you woke up frustrated and kind of down. You will experience a burdened day. You will experience dizziness and negativity throughout the day unless an external force affects your day in a reverse way. 

Similarly, think about the day you radiate positivity, gratitude, and abundance in your actions. The things around you automatically align with your vibes, and you attract similar experiences from the universe.

That's the beauty of manifestation. It reflects your highest intentions from your surroundings.


On the other hand, manipulation is all about hiding your authentic self and covering your original identity with masks. Usually, people manipulate themselves to meet the undefined social pressure and benchmark. Manipulation, unlike manifestation, is about deception. 

It controls the self-serving intentions and hiding your flaws. Consider a simple example from your personality. Imagine you're short-tempered but cover it with laughter and smiles rather than accepting it among your peers. That's where you deny your authenticity.

And the relationships that you cultivate using manipulation are short-lived as well. That's the side effect of manipulation. It seeks to bend situations or people to suit personal desires or agendas. The practice of manipulation washes your authenticity and emotional well-being.

Unlike manifestation, manipulation is short-lived and often cultivates an imbalanced relationship.

Comparing manifestation and manipulation

As discussed above, manifestation is the game of intentions, while manipulation is the sport of deception. Manifestation is all about accepting yourself and #becomingflawesome. It's a process where you accept the things around you and within you and further work and pray for your better desires. On the other hand, manipulation is about self-denial.

Practicing manifestation leads to long-term positive outcomes, personal growth, and the fulfillment of desires in a harmonious way. While if you practice manipulation, you may enjoy short-term profits, it will often result in damaged relationships, mistrust, and negative consequences for all parties involved. Thus, manifestation will bring confidence and joy in your life, while manipulation erodes the foundation of trust. It further undermines authentic connections.

Unleash the power of manifestation

Unlock the full power of manifestation by practicing the art of #becomingflawesome. Accept your flaws and inferiorities and pray for a better self. Start believing in yourself and your destination. To know more about how authenticity brings happiness, explore the book "Becoming Flawesome" by Kristina Mand-Lakhiani. With her book, the author influences her reader and takes them on a transformation journey with authentic manifestation.

Concluding, embracing manifestation with authenticity can create a life we eve want. It aligns with our highest values while nurturing healthy relationships. Further, the authentic manifestation contributes to our overall well-being.

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