$132,000 has been awarded by the State Bond Commission to install the Roof of Deep River Elementary School

 The State Bond Commission recently approved some funds to assist in the installation of a new roof for the elementary school at Deep River, which would create an opportunity for a more focus on improving energy efficiency in the buildings owned by the town.

During a Board of Selectman (BOS) meeting held on July 27, the First Selectman, Angus McDonald stated that the deal was a massive one as a result of the opportunity it created in finishing the roof which would remain fresh for up to five years. This will also create an avenue to install solar panels and proceed with energy upgrades.

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As stated in the town’s budget report, funds have been approved for the Deep River Elementary School’s roof in the town’s capital budget for the last three years where $25,000 was recently allocated for repairs for the year 2022. 

McDonald stated that work has been ongoing every year based on the available funds and even though there were no leaks, the roof is 30 years old and has reached the end of its lifespan.

A roofing contractor has been hired by the town for the project and repairs have been scheduled for the late summer.

McDonald stated that since the required funds to complete the project have been approved, the roofing contractor will work diligently to ensure that the required materials are available before the start of the school year. But in a situation where the required materials to complete the project during the summer are not available, the work would be completed during the December break as long as it is within the current fiscal year.

McDonald stated that this is to avoid spending the $27,000 and later completing the project at a later time. The plan was to complete the project at once.

The total amount required by the project is $159,000 of which $27,00 was offered by the Deep River town and $132,000 from the State Bond Commission.

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FD Requires Evaluation

During the Deep River Board of Finance meeting held on July 27, after the BOS meeting, an expenditure of $132,000 was approved by the Board of Finance for the school roof from the bond funds, together with about $20,000 for an independent needs evaluation of the Deep River Fire Department.

The evaluation reviews the current apparatus and equipment of the Fire Department, as well as other future demands of the department. 

An attendee of the BOS meeting held on July 27, the Deep River Chief Tim lee stated that the report that would be provided at the completion o the evaluation would be concise and extensive.

He continued that the project would last for six months in which every segment of the depart would be looked into, such as the equipment, its placement, the position of the main power in contrast response times and stations, insurance, among others.

The report would be made available to the public once it is completed.

Although a final approval for the funds required for the needs evaluation and school roof will still be done by citizens at a town meeting that is yet to be scheduled.

The town still wants to decide if the federal grant funds approved to the town by the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) will be sufficient for the needs evaluation of the Deep River Fire Department, alongside other expenditure that deals with firefighting equipment, public safety, radio communication equipment, and air filling stations for the Fire Department.

McDonald stated that several positive things that would be acquired with the funds are being created which will relieve the tax base and burden for the next 4 years. These things are well categorized under public safety, arts and culture as well as economic recovery.

Advisory committees have been recently developed by the town in these three areas to develop ideas on the best way of using the funds gotten from ARPA.

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