Why Real-Estate Industry Should Use Click to Call Service in India


A website is a lead generation tool, and to help an interested client contact the company, it should have a click-to-call facility. This real-time-based calling widget can also be configured on a mobile app so that anyone can share their number to know more about ready-to-move-in or under-construction property from their mobile phones. 

Here are some benefits of using this real-time calling facility for the real estate industry: 

Lead Conversion

When a lead visits an SEO-optimized website, the company needs to capture the lead and convert it. The lead expects the company representative to call back within a few seconds of sharing their number. If the visitor does not get a call instantly, the company loses the lead to its competitor. 

After looking at the different property options through a virtual tour, the website visitor either needs more information or is ready to make a decision. In either case, the visitor should not have to wait long to receive a call from the company. 

A click to call software lets the agent respond to the lead query almost immediately and minimizes lead losses. If the lead is attended promptly, they will share their positive experience, and the company can get referral customers. This helps in brand building and also creates customer loyalty.

Superior Caller Experience

With a multilingual customer base, real estate companies need an automated call management system with personalized regional language greeting facilities. This will help businesses reach out to a larger target audience. Customers listen to customized hold music for the few seconds that they wait. 

Higher engagement is likely since the customer feels comfortable interacting in their regional language. There is a higher possibility of conversion since the customer's trust level is more and they would have in-depth inquiries about a property. 

Conversions in the real estate industry depend on the experience of the agent. With skill-based agent routing, calls go to the most experienced agents resulting in higher conversions. Customers can get useful information about the real estate industry and guidance on getting the best deals on home loans. 

Higher Employee Productivity 

The click-to-call facility comes with call tracking and monitoring. All incoming and outgoing calls are recorded for quality and training purposes. 

All interactions between the agent and customer are monitored. This helps the company assess the performance of the agents and provide training to improve the quality of calls. 

The company can analyze the entire call on an end-to-end basis starting from the greeting to closing a sale or handling an objection. With focused training, both new and experienced agents can handle customer queries better.

New agents get first-hand experience through a real-time call, and experienced agents can learn how to improve their sales pitches. The company earns more revenue per agent with higher conversions. 

Special Offers and Promotions

Real estate companies run marketing campaigns and advertise these offers on websites.  With these automated calling systems, the client can get to know the details of the offer by just leaving their contact details on the website. 

Companies experience higher call traffic when offering discounts and other promotions. With a multi-level IVR, the company can provide better customer service since wait times for the customer are lower. These advanced communication systems help companies optimize promotional offers. 

Without a call routing system, it would be difficult for the agents to handle all calls. The software ensures that the call goes to a free agent and more calls are handled without compromising call quality.  

Final Thoughts

With click-to-call services from Knowlarity, real estate companies can ensure they can respond to customer requests 24x7. These services are plug-and-play solutions that can be easily set up and activated. 

With more and more clients visiting online portals for their property buying needs, companies must adopt these calling solutions to make the buying or inquiry process easy for the customer. 

There are certain routine services like prices or sizes of flats that the customer wants to know, and these can be automated. It makes automated call management services a cost-effective solution for companies. 

By installing the calling widget on their website or mobile app, real estate companies can expect higher revenues. 

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